The Power of 3

It is said that 3 is the first of four spiritually perfect numbers and that it is the first number which represented the word “all”. It is the triad of beginning, middle and end. This trinity repeats itself in both religion and as human body, spirit and soul. Three also represent birth, life and death. Three is shared in the Universe and in nature as Earth, Heaven and Water. And there are 3 phases of the lunar cycle. The Pythagorean three (triangle) means completion. Three is an Angel number that carries a vibration of creativity, inspiration and adventure. It is said to expand your abundance on spiritual, emotional and financial plains. And lastly, three is also the number that assists you in the manifestation of your desires.

If you can’t tell, I am one of those number people who really pays attention to how and when numbers show up in life. As a child I liked my numbers to be even. I remember feeling something special about the number 2 and liked that it always balanced out. After realizing as an adult that all my personal numbers, like my birthday, the time of day I was born, even my height, all came down to the division of 3s, it became a little too consistent to simply write off as coincidence – which I am not not entirely sure I believe in anyway.

Given all this beautiful information about the number three, and given my personal experience with three, I decided to use this Divine Numerology to bless, support and super charge my brand, a dream 20+ years in the making. You can find the 3/6/9 numerology in our pricing and even our return policy. So if y’all are curious why our numbers at SDA are not traditional or even Steven, now you know! Our numbers are blessings to the brand, to you and to the sacred laws of nature and the Universe. So… bless, bless, bless tribe and know that you are loved.

With love and gratitude,
Jasmyn Agneaux
Designer & Founder, Saint D’Agneaux

We Are All Connected

The synergistic experiences we continue to share as human speak to the revelation that everything translates in to energy, and that we humans affect and inspire one another, whether we are cognizant of this or not- we are all One mass consciousness. Part of what inspired Saint D’Agneaux into mass consciousness was a book that I read, Masaru Emoto’s book Hidden Messages in Water. This book urged me to combine my passion for fashion with a newfound inspiration to love, serve and honor Water. It is water that we are born in to, our genes are made of Water, our oceans and seas are abundant with life, the waters of yesterday are the rains of the future. Without Water most things on Earth would not thrive or exist.  Water, I reasoned, is Life.

This led me to create every piece of clothing with purpose. Each item purchased at Saint D’Agneaux raises money for a cause we believe it. Whether it be rescuing animals, international water projects, or research on the preservation of bees, water and life are central to the spirit embedded in every thread of clothing at Saint D’Agneaux.

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