Saint D’Agneaux is the name used by my ancestors, who have a long French heritage that began in Normandy, and as I understand it were land barons for the English crown. It translates to “Saint of the Lamb,” or “the Lamb of God,” or “the Angel of God,” depending on your interpretation. I chose the name of my family bloodline because that’s exactly what I hope to create with this brand: family. “Saint D’Agneaux” embodies the life, love, and respect I wish to breathe into my personal and professional life. As such, we at Saint D’Agneaux believe all Life is sacred. We celebrate diversity, welcome tradition, and practice ceremony. Our brand is a movement in lateral frequency. We have chosen Gratitude as our religion. We are an empire that aims to awaken the greatness in all women, men, and children, in a collective effort to serve the greater good.

And so it is.


With love and ‘Gratidude’,


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